Dolphin pearl deluxe novomatic

Dolphin pearl deluxe is an exciting and unique game. The excitement that you will get is very diverse, starting from beautiful game symbols and winning values ​​ready to make you rich. Novomatic gives the game in the beautiful and beautiful sea. Meet the sweet dolphins and beautiful pearls.

Who is not amazed by the beautiful and cute dolphins. You can find dolphins who like to walk around and swim in the open ocean in one of the large aquariums. Or you can also see a dolphin show around. A variety of styles will be shown by the dolphins, starting from the attraction of jumping into the circle of fire, playing ball and many more shows that are served by circus dolphins.

Exciting game win

Mobdro-downloads – It’s really cute and cute to touch it certainly makes us feel amused. But how in the game will it be as exciting as the attractions the dolphins do? Gamers don’t need to worry because novomatic has made an interesting game with some unique symbol friends ready to help you win.

There are 5 reels that help you spin the reels. The most awaited win is if the game manages to get the same symbol or it could be with a combination of symbols. But not only that, dolphin pearl also provides a unique game jackpot for all gamers. Win the game 10 times to get paid value in the game.

dolphin dance//pearl

Symbols and free spins

The symbols available on the dolphin pearl deluxe are dolphins, sea horses, fish, lobster shrimp, stingrays, pearls, small fish, and casino cards A to number 9. For the main symbol there is a dolphin. A wild symbol that can replace all symbols except the scatter. The scatter itself is in the shell pearl.

Very beautiful pearl light makes you want to have pearls. Not only beautiful and beautiful, but gamers will also get beautiful and exciting free games. Get 3 pearl shells in any position to get 15 free games. The most profitable thing for gamers is when they manage to get a lot of free spins. Every time the free spins are played and then gamers get free spins again, the number of free games that gamers get will be added immediately.

Dophin’s beautiful dance

For the value, it will form a symbol based on the direction of the game value. The direction of the game values ​​that gamers will get is from left to right and also diagonally. It’s really nice to be able to dive in the depths of the sea and see the beautiful scenery. Games that have a deep ocean theme will show you the beauty of sponges, as well as some beautiful fish passing before your eyes.

When you meet with dolphins you will see the very beautiful action of these mammals. Get 3 of the same dolphin will see the attraction of dolphins jumping from the sea surface. It’s really beautiful and beautiful dance that is served by the dolphins. If you want to enjoy the game, gamers can play with the game’s automatic buttons.

Pressing the automatic button will make gamers win easily without having to linger long pressing the start button. Spinning on the reels becomes fast and you can enjoy the value of winning coins without having to be complicated. Use enough money to be able to play dolphin pearl deluxe game.