Selling COD Products on Facebook

There are still many people who complain about COD. Because many fail to do business through COD. Either the seller is cheating or even the buyer is cheating. Then the question remains whether and what is the best way to selling COD products on Facebook.

COD referred to in selling is making payments on the spot. This method has actually been around for a long time, because not a few people are always wary of doing COD. But you will have no trouble if you do the COD system.

Availability of places to sell online

Mobdro-downloads – Facebook is actually a social media for sharing memories or other posts. However, with the new features provided, there is a marketplace on Facebook. So that Facebook users are able to provide offers in the form of real goods through private posts or in groups. Of course, in making offers, Facebook will also provide paid ads.

With the new features on Facebook, of course, you will not be harmed. Instead, you will be assisted in sales by advertising. Because Facebook is currently very easy to do sales, so many people are joining in to become sellers. Of course, not only people who are experts in making offers on Facebook, but those of you who are going to make new sales, of course you can too.

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start selling on the market place

But making an offer on Facebook, of course, is not random or just posting sales. Because there are techniques so that your sales get noticed by buyers, such as selling in groups or on the marketplace. If you enter the right keywords then your product will be easy for people to find. By providing keywords from your selling product, not a few people will continue to buy the products you sell.

How to sell with the COD system

COD is a shopping system that usually meets each other between buyers and sellers. If the seller makes a transaction in accordance with the agreement, both parties must meet each other. However, currently the COD system referred to in buying and selling is a payment system that will be made when the goods arrive. So when the goods have arrived in the hands of the buyer, the buyer must pay the order to the delivery person.

What to do if the buyer does not want to pay for the goods during COD? This question has always been your question for all sellers. Because after all the goods being sold certainly require capital, if the goods ordered are not paid for by the buyer, not a few will reject the COD.

set payment method on FB

So that you don’t bother in selling COD, then you have to make sure the goods that will be purchased by the buyer are certain. In addition, buyers who ask for COD make sure the costs incurred are not large.

Because facebook is a medium in promotion so there is no COD payment system. For that, those of you who sell through Facebook make sure you have determined each other, how to process the payment.

If you want to make payments with COD, you can use an expedition that provides COD services. Currently there are many expeditions that do COD, but with the condition that you must become a member first. So that those of you who will send the goods make sure you have confirmed to each expedition.

The registration process to become a member of one of the expeditions does not take long, so you only need to do it by logging into the website and filling in the data correctly. After that there will be further confirmation of the expedition you are using.