Ultra star

Looking for games that don’t cost a lot of money is certainly just a kid’s game. Games that are usually done with small children and also spend a lot of time make our bodies achy. Now comes the Ultra Star game, a game developed by Novomatic. The type of game that has the form of symbols and types of wins that are easy to play.

No need to waste time because apart from playing we can also earn money when we win the game. Has 3 reels full of fun. When you start playing the Ultra Star game, many people think that this game is the same as other fruit games. But ultra star games are different from other types of fruit games.

Game screen difference

The difference comes from the form of the game which has a double symbol Mobdro-downloads – shape plus the number of ultra star game reels. There are a total of 5 types of paylines that gamers will get when they successfully play and win the game. Of different shapes and rotations but have almost the same game function buttons.

Press minus or plus on the ultra star game screen when you want to change the bet value on the line. Games that can also be played with real money values ​​will make you win easily. The higher the value at stake, the higher the win rate that gamers will get.

double game
fresh fruit//double game

Game button

Games that also provide automatic games will provide many opportunities to win. Just by pressing auto play, the screen in the game will rotate by itself automatically. Spinning will stop when the number of game credits runs out or you win. To find out the type of symbol, gamers can visit the game info.

How to play the ultra star game can be said to be easy. Only by getting the same symbol on each screen gamers will win. The symbol will form a value when taken from the diagonal and horizontal with the same sign. To get to know the game symbols, you can stop by at info.

Game symbols and wild

There are values ​​and symbols that you can get in the infi game. The symbols are bell, number 7, cherry, lemon, orange, watermelon, grape, plum and star. For high values, there is a wld in the form of a star. Wild which can replace all symbols except scatter. The presence of a star is on the 2nd reel.

When the star symbol reappears, it expands in each row. Rows full of stars will give you another chance to spin so that the score will increase. Scatter is present in the bell symbol. Games that have a bright red background color and a circle that resembles a circle in the Ultra Star game.

Additional games

Various star sows are ready to bring you to the winning value. The shape of the symbol on the screen is not 1 piece but gives 2 pieces in each symbol on the game reel. Ultra star game also provides an additional game in the form of guessing the color of the card. In this game you have to bet the value if you manage to win and correctly guess the card then the value of your bet will go up a lot. But if you fail you will lose your money.

This card color guessing game is easy, you just need to guess the color is red or black behind the color of the card. So when playing additional color guessing games you have to really focus so you don’t lose your score. Ultra star game provides many opportunities to win easily in every game symbol.